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Every 3 minutes someone in the UK develops dementia

The only way we can slow that down is by getting people to take part in vital research

Even though over 24 million of us know a family member or close friend with dementia in the UK many of us don’t know how to take part in research

And fewer that 4% of the 850,000 people diagnosed with dementia in the UK are taking part in research

We have to change that

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence thinks so too

They want all people with dementia to be provided with the option of taking part in research studies

And the government’s challenge on dementia is committed to making sure that by 2020…

All healthcare professionals will know how to refer their patients to Join Dementia research

That 25% of people with dementia will be registered with Join Dementia Research

And that 10% of people with dementia will be taking parting in research studies

When I was first diagnosed with dementia, it came as a tremendous shock

But my first thoughts were, what can I do to ensure that other people, in years to come, don’t suffer from the same problems?

Taking part in research helps me feel empowered that I’m doing something to help other people

When I give someone a diagnosis of dementia

I need to give them something positive as well, some hope

I do that by talking to people about research opportunities and how they might be able to get involved

The new NICE guidelines also show it’s important for us to talk to patients about research opportunities

When my mother-in-law was diagnosed with dementia…

Things started to become very challenging, in fact sometimes terrible

Both for her and the rest of the family

Taking part in research makes me feel I’m helping her as well as others with the condition

It’s fair to say that when people do take part in research

It brings with it a huge sense of hope

So we need to make sure everybody
knows how they can get involved

And we need you to help us spread the word

Join Dementia Research is a UK-wide service that makes it easy for people to take part in research in the NHS and beyond

They simply register online or on the telephone

And a bit like a matchmaking service

They will be paired with a researcher running a study in their area

And the best bit is it’s open to anyone over 18

This could be someone with dementia, a carer, a family member or anyone interested in dementia research

We know you are at the heart of your community seeing patients everyday

And that makes you a crucial piece of the puzzle

So here’s how you can help

Tell all your patients and carers about how they can register with Join Dementia Research

Display our posters and hand out free leaflets and application forms to anyone that’s interested

Write to all your patients and their carers, telling them about us

Be creative, and find a way that works for you, and your patients

Visit our healthcare professionals site for access to case studies

The latest statistics on how well your area is doing, and lots more

We know you’re busy…

But in short: we really need you to help spread the word

And now that you know how easy it is to make a difference

We would love it if you would tell your colleagues about it too

Thank you